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The Four Chinese Classics



Tao Te Ching


The valley spirit never dies.


It’s called dark female-enigma,

and the gateway of dark female-enigma

is called the root of heaven and earth,


gossamer so unceasing it seems real.

Use it: it’s effortless.




Chuang Tzu


We're cast into this human form, and it's such happiness. This human form knows change, but the ten thousand changes are utterly boundless. Who could calculate the joys they promise?

And so the sage wanders where nothing is hidden and everything is preserved. The sage calls dying young a blessing and living long a blessing, calls beginnings a blessing and endings a blessing. We might make such a person our teacher, but there's something the ten thousand things belong to, something all change depends upon— imagine making that your teacher!






Adept Kung said: "When the Master talks about civility and cultivation, you can hear what he says. But when he talks about the nature of things and the Way of Heaven, you can't hear a word."






The ten thousand things are all there in me. And there's no joy greater than looking within and finding myself faithful to them. Treat others as you would be treated. Devote yourself to that . . . .



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