Translation of Su Hui's Star Gauge:

Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology


With this groundbreaking collection, a new generation will be introduced to the work that transformed modern poetry. The Chinese poetic tradition is the largest and longest continuous tradition in world literature, and this rich and far-reaching anthology of nearly five hundred poems provides a comprehensive account of its first three millennia (1500 B.C.E. to 1200 C.E.), the period during which virtually all of its landmark developments took place. Unlike earlier anthologies of Chinese poetry, Hinton’s book focuses on a relatively small number of poets, the tradition’s great innovators, providing selections that are large enough to re-create each one as a fully realized and unique voice. And the introductions to these poets provide a very readable history, told for the first time as a series of poetic innovations forged by a series of master poets. From the classic, deeply poetic texts of Chinese philosophy to intensely personal lyrics, from love poems to startling and strange perspectives on the natural world, Hinton has collected an entire world of beauty and insight. And in his eye-opening translations, these ancient poems feel remarkably fresh and contemporary, presenting a literary tradition both radically new and entirely resonant.


                       — from the book jacket



Farrar, Straus & Giroux