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Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology






Hinton's achievement is a gift to our language.


                   (W.S. Merwin)




Magnificent . . . majesterial.


                   (The New Republic)




. . . the most virtuosic set of translations to appear in a generation . . .  Hinton’s Classical Chinese Poetry is such an accomplishment that one almost wants to say it has exhausted the subject.


                  (Threepenny Review)




Nothing yet in English has approached the range and scope of David Hinton’s phenomenal 500-page tome. His meticulously arranged sweep through three millennia of Chinese poetry is nothing less than a publishing miracle.


                  (The Barnes and Noble Review)




This new anthology gives us, for the first, best time, the sweep of the Chinese tradition in excellent English poetry.


                  (The Philadelphia Inquirer)




David Hinton is a marvelous translator who has for years now been dusting off classical Chinese poetry, giving wonderful poems a fresh idiom and a newly clean surface. He’s just published Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology, and it’s splendid, just as his previous volumes would have led us to expect.


                  (Mark Doty)




. . . the impressiveness of the anthology lies in its breadth and scope and in the learned consistency of the translations. . . . Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology captures the stylistic nuances between individual poets, so their work stands side by side without seeming homogenized. . . . With David Hinton as our guide, Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology comes across as something akin to a magical artifact, full of potential energies and untapped motes of poetic inspiration. Anyone, especially poets looking outside the western canon for transformative verse and fresh inspiration, should include this book in their library.


                  (The Brooklyn Rail)


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